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We ( are enthusiastic about the possibilities of the “Internet of things” (IoT) and are on a journey to explore and participate in this fascinating trend. We invite you to join us on this journey and participate if you want.

Join us if you want to;

  • understand what the Internet of things (IoT) is about
  • have access to the beeding edge” of IoT
  • build an understanding of the opportunities IoT presents
  • understand how IoT integrates with existing technology
  • make your own things
  • learn about real world uses of IoT including commercial applications
  • learn about the application of IoT to Sustainability

Why take this journey with People, Systems and things?

Let us curate information from many sources, applying our own sensibilities to what we find. We bring to this new field years of systems and design thinking including an appropriate dash of skepticism that should control the Hype.

We will not overwhelm you by sticking to a maximum of three (3) to Seven (7) posts in any given week.



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