About Things

“Things” is the last word in People, Systems and Things.

This is a site about Things we enjoy and the Internet of Things (IoT)

There is a strong argument that all Innovation stems from “materials Science” and the creation of things. Whilst in recent decades it has being the development of smaller and more powerful computer technology that has provided a platform for the software and applications we enjoy today, we are today learning to build more and more things which can be connected to the Cloud, use sensors and manufactured from mass produced components.

Examples include

  • The Internet of Things IoT
  • The Makers Movement
  • The Hacker Movement
  • Home Monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Remote sensors
  • Numerous Startups

People, Systems and Things can see how this boom is highly relevant to sustainability and innovation and thus we have this dedicated site for the Things we find. Initially we will focus on the market and movements underway but intend to bring some of our own products to market one day. Of course this site and blog will focus on things that interest us or demonstrate broad, even global use and support a move to a more sustainable world.

The Things in – People, Systems and Things (PSaT)